Diabetes Email Series

Diabetes: An Epidemic

Diabetes is a significant health concern worldwide, and the number of adults living with diabetes continues to rise. According to the Center for Disease Control’s Division of Diabetes Translation, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes rose from about 500,000 people in 1958 to 30,200,000 by the year 2015. Nearly a quarter of those who have diabetes don’t know that they have it.

This condition is a growing epidemic with devastating physical, emotional, and financial tolls on the people it affects. In the United States, diabetes kills more people each year than AIDS and breast cancer combined.

Many people don’t know about these alarming statistics and don’t realize the pressing need to address this issue from the root of the symptoms- poor lifestyle habits. While it’s true that there’s no cure for diabetes, there are measures that can be taken to reduce and improve symptoms, most significantly for people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or prediabetes.

My goal for this email series is to help people explore the facts about diabetes so that they can make more well-informed choices when it comes to their health and wellness.

My name is Rebecca Mills-Anderson, and I’m hosting this Diabetes Email Series

Rebecca Mills-Anderson, BA, BS, CHHC, founder and clinical director of IHCS, is a Certified Functional Health Coach and Counselor with extensive continuing education in the health, wellness, and functional medicine field.

After completing a Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Montevallo, Rebecca became a Certified Holistic Health Coach in 2017

She was inspired to start this practice after reversing 10 of her own Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders using nutrition and lifestyle changes following functional medicine principles and gaining clinical experience in a Functional Medicine clinic. She began her functional clinical practice in early 2017 and established IHCS in 2019. While her practice is currently in Michigan, her services serve the entire continent of North America. Her clientele is from all over the United States and Canada. She has been doing virtual appointments since 2017 in an effort to serve those who need health support the most. She is currently working towards becoming board certified.

For Rebecca Mills-Anderson's Full Professional Resume please go to https://www.mycrazyjourney.com/about-rebecca-mills-anderson-ba-bs-chhc/

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Rebecca Mills-Anderson

Diabetes and the Body

During this email series, I’ll be explaining how diabetes affects the body, and offering research-based recommendations about you can keep yourself as healthy and happy as possible despite your diagnosis.

From my professional and personal experience, I know that it can be difficult for people to wrap their heads around medical terms and conditions due to fear and general misunderstanding. My hope is that by providing a basic overview of the chemical imbalances that cause diabetes and offering a source of additional support via email correspondence, I’ll be able to help others on their journey toward better health.

With rates of diabetes running as high as they are, it’s quite likely that someone you love will develop it, or already has. The best thing you can do is to educate yourself about the risks and ways to reduce them.

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